Berimo Basenjis


Makala has passed all requirements and is now officially AKC registered.  Now we can try obedience, rally and lure coursing !!!

Avongara Makala       #HP4329401

Makala (means charcoal) was brought back to USA in February 2011 from Africa by Katie Campbell of Taji Basenjis , Jon Curby of Kibushi Basenjis and Michael Work of Sirius Basenjis.  She came from a refugee camp that was located in DR Congo due to her owners escaping Sudan.  Most extreme living conditions with attacks on the refugees by militia. Two basenjis were brought back from this location.  The other girl Naziki lives with Katie and we co-own Makala.  This girl has been a joy to live with . Her natural instincts are so outstanding. Notices everything, very aware of surroundings and a true survivalist. She is going through the  application process for the Native African Stock . 

 Fanconi Clear and VetGen HA Clear.

above photos taken 11/06/2011

below photos were taken in March 2011 at my house in Jasper, TX.

Above is Makala with Katie (3/11) in Seattle before making trip to TX.  This girl  has been from Africa to WA and now in TX on the farm  all within one month. 


The photos below are copyright by Katie Campbell of Taji Basenjis.  Taken at refugee camp in DR Congo in February 2011.  Thank you Katie for allowing me to put these photos on my website.

Above is Makala (at foot of her original owner) with her basenji mother (b/w) at the refugee camp. 

Makala on the left  with her litter sister on the right  at the refugee camp.